Hate Story 3 Movie Review

  • Directed by Vishal Pandya
  • Starring
  • Release dates Friday 04 December, 2015
  • Running time 2h 7m

Hate story 3 is the typical Bollywood revenge thriller with various grey shades with suspense and questions with lots of Bed Scenes.  The Story revolves around Aaditya Deewan (Sharman Joshi) a businessman married to Sia (Zareen Khan) who was earlier his late elder brother’s fiancé.

There happy married life take a drastic change when Saurabh Singhania (Karan Grover) makes an entry. Saurabh wants to do a deal with aaditya to allow him to spend one night with Sia and in exchange ask anything he wants. Aaditya refuses and the melodrama starts….

Saurabh has a big game plan so he starts distracting Aaditya’s business and starts ruin that…by tying  him in legal issues… Frustrated Aaditya and Sia doesn’t understand the real motive of Saurabh….

Aaditya sends her loyal colleague Kayra (Daisy Shah) to Saurabh to spy him but situations became worse when Kayra double cross Aaditya and increase the suspense, Frustration, Hatred in the movie…


Will Saurabh got sia for a one night stand, what is his hidden motive, Is Aditya get rid out of this situation. What Happen next in the story is the suspense…? For this you have to watch the movie


Well the movie is not as good to see a revenge thriller in the theatre. The hate story trilogy is also like the old films with a hidden and a simple story with lots of Bed scenes…  Well if you don’t want to do anything in this weekend then you may watch otherwise best is to focus on the other tasks then spending 2 hrs. in this…

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