Puli Movie Review

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  • Release dates Thursday 01 October, 2015
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Story: Maru Dheeran(Vijay) is the hero of the village and the chosen one to save his people and village. Just like any other Hollywood or mythical type movie. He is in love with pavazhmani (Shruti Hassan), which was kidnapped by Vetaals(Blue eye people). Yamanarani (Sridevi) queen of vetaal clan imprisons her in her kingdom of Vedalakottai.

Marudheeran decides to enter into the kindom of Vetaals to save his love. Will he be successful in his quest, the story revolve around this…

Good: Good costumes and special effects in a fantasy world.

Bad: Full of songs and not up to the mark. Expected story plot and nothing new will make it not up to the mark.

Conclusion: If you want to see a fantasy or you are a die hard fan of vijay then you may watch, but if you want something different and outstanding then puli is not the right choice.

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