Tamasha Movie Review

  • Directed by Imtiaz Ali
  • Starring
  • Release dates Friday 27 November, 2015
  • Running time 2h 35m


Tamasha is not like the as expected love story of a couple, an experimented story line with the magic of Imtiaz ali is missing. Tamasha’s starting is not as vibrant as we expect as the whole story is revolving around ranbeer Kapoor and his inner clashing’s… Story starts with young Ranbeer Kapoor who loves listening stories and an introvert guy. The story immediately turn and the location of Corsica, France where accidently Tara (Deepika padukone) meets Ved (Ranbeer Kapoor). Ved help Tara and asks her to not to reveal out true identity and makes this trip cheerful and enjoyable. On these fictitious meetings Tara fell in love with Ved and leave Corsica.

Four years later Tara found Ved in Delhi and meet him, but she realize that this Ved is different, well behaved polite and professional types. She was confused that the Ved in Corsica was cheerful, fun loving and super excited but that is missing in this Ved and she refuses Ved’s engagement proposal.

What happens next… will there love story came to a Happy ending, Why Ved’s behavior is so different and where the story moves.. Just watch the movie.

Ranbeer Dipika’s pair is the brightest part of the movie. The Acting of both was superb and show there matureness….

You can watch the movie one time and not the same old love story as an experimental theme i.e. not liked by everyone but if you are Ranbeer Depika’s fan and like some realistic experimental love stories then it’s good to see….

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