Welcome Back Movie Review

  • Directed by Anees Bazmee
  • Starring
  • Release dates Friday 04 September, 2015
  • Running time 2 hours 33 minutes

There are few sequels that are as good as the previous one. Welcome Back is one of them. This comedy ride can be enjoyed provided one chooses to keep their brains aside!

The movie opens with flashbacks of the prequel introducing Majnu Bhai (Anil Kapoor) and Uday Shetty (Nana Patekar), who unlike the previous film, have left all their bad practices and now run a successful hotel business. They are rich and desperate to get married! A mother-daughter duo, (Dimple kapadia and Ankita Shrivastava) are conning Uday and Majnu for their money. Meanwhile, Udya learns that he has another sister from his third mother, named Ranjana (Shruti Haasan). The task of getting her married falls on their old shoulders. Udya and Majnu catch hold of Dr. Gungroo (Paresh Rawal) who had recently discovered that he also has a ready-made son – Ajju Bhai (John Abraham).

The story literally does not make any sense and the illogical sequences make one wonder the worth of their time! There is a very expected entry of another big underworld don Wanted Bhai (Naseeruddin Shah) and his son Honey (Shiney Ahuja).The Rest is all chaos where Ajju and Ranjana fall for each other and wish to get married. Uday and Majnu deny permission for the same as Ajju is a ‘Mumbai Ka Gunda’. Another twist lands up in the story when the drug addict Honey also falls in love with Ranjana and gets obsessed with her.

Anees Bazmee, who is is no new name to the genre of comedy has done a great job with this film and thankfully avoided the slapstick route. The two weakest points of the film are the climax and the soundtrack. Somewhere towards the end of Welcome Back, the movie tends to seem over-the-top and even drag a bit.

Anil kapoor, Nana Patekar and Paresh Rawal bring the fun old flavour back. They are great in their roles and posses commendable comic timing.John Abraham acts his character throughout and has managed to pull off the role really well. Shruti Haasan as Ranjana is average and managed to perform her role decently. The veterans Dimple kapadia, Naseeruddin Shah are both really good in their comic avatars. Shiney Ahuja has also done a decent job.

Some illogical yet funny sequences make this movie a fun ride. For its genre, it is a complete family entertainer and as mentioned earlier, it is illogical and hence can be enjoyed only if we choose to keep our brain aside.

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